Elder Law

Aggressively Advocating for the Interests of the Elderly and Their Loved Ones

Taking care of people as they age is one of our most important responsibilities. Whether you are the child of an aging parent who needs help, or you are getting older yourself and you want to make sure you are properly cared for, elder law is there for you. Here at Jane J. Larson Associates, we take particular pride in helping our clients with all their elder law-related needs.

Medicaid Planning

One of the most important areas of elder law is Medicaid planning (or crisis Medicaid planning). Medicaid is a government program that helps cover the medical expenses of people who can’t afford it on their own. In many cases, the medical expenses can add up to tens of thousands of dollars per month, especially if someone needs to live in an assisted living or long-term care facility. In order for Medicaid to start paying many of these expenses, however, the total assets of an individual need to be below a certain threshold.

With proper planning, assets can be allocated in such a way so that they aren’t counted in the calculations done by Medicaid. This is a perfectly legal practice that millions of people engage in so that the wealth they have built up over a lifetime is not lost due to medical expenses. Whether you are healthy now and want to prepare for the future possibility of requiring long-term care, or you have recently been told you will need this type of care, we are here to help.

Protecting Vulnerable Adults

While heartbreaking to think about, the reality is that some unscrupulous people prey on the vulnerabilities of the elderly. This comes in many forms including physical and/or sexual abuse, neglect, financial scams, and more. If you have an elderly loved one who you believe has been victimized, or you believe is at significant risk, there are steps you can take. Establishing a legal guardianship or conservatorship for example, will give you the ability to make legal decisions regarding medical, financial, and other topics on their behalf.

We can also help you when working with the police or other agencies if you believe that there is some type of neglect or abuse taking place within a nursing home or other care facility. When it comes to protecting the elderly, it is important to act quickly whenever you suspect something is wrong. With decades of experience, we can provide guidance and assistance whenever it is needed.

Fighting for the Rights of the Elderly

No matter the situation you are in, if you need elder law help, we are here for you. We can act quickly and aggressively to provide the representation that is needed to either prevent problems from occurring, or to respond to existing issues. Please contact us right away if you require any type of elder law representation.